Excelsior 20 Midi Reedless

Excelsior 20 Midi Reedless

The new Excelsior MIDIVOX ‘X’ midi controller for accordions has been designed to provide a compact and low-cost solution to all those accordionists who wish to enter the wonderful world of electronic music.

Specially designed to be installed into a reedless accordion shell, it perfectly emulates the bellows operation adding a realistic expression to all the electronic sounds.

A perfect companion for all those accordionists who are looking for a light-weight, versatile “Virtual Accordion”.

The MVX-S Power & Sound box is the right addition to the MIDIVOX-X accordion providing a sound generation feature which allows the MIDIVOX-X accordion to be a stand-alone electronic musical instrument – an expander is therefore not required.

Up to 296 sampled sounds are available – among them a number of realistic accordion sounds – all of them selectable from the accordion control panel.

Extra MIDI IN and MIDI OUT sockets are provided to allow full Midi operation of the embedded sound card.

A headphone output is provided for silent use of the accordion – very useful for practising and training.

An amplifier or power audio system is necessary for full sound amplification.

SPECIAL: 2995$

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